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Ladder shelves can be vertical or horizontal, wood or aluminum, made from classic ladders or step ladders—but this hanging, wall-mounted version from Dandelion Express stands out from the crowd. 3.

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I’m in the middle of giving my home office a makeover, and one of my biggest priorities for the room has been to add some built-in storage. It’s important to note that our home office sits at the front of our house and is basically the first room you see after entering the foyer.

Hello there! I’m so happy its Friday; it’s been one of those weeks that drags on. Today I’m sharing how I made my DIY rustic bookshelves with IKEA brackets. I know so many other bloggers have made these DIY shelves already but mine are a little different. (This post includes affiliate links. If you buy…

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this is a project suitable for even those new to DIY. Can’t afford enough reclaimed lumber but want a wood-planked look? Try.

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as it’ll need to be big and you definitely won’t be able to read it again. This one’s a little more heavy duty, as it involves glue and an ‘L’-bracket. See full instructions at Instructables.

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This bookshelf tree is a very unique way for you or your children to store books. They created this with a child in mind obviously. However, you could paint it a different color with different designs and turn it into something that you could use in a living room, home office, or home library.

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Nov 12, 2012  · I opted for a slightly unusual design in a mountain-like shape. The left side is a set of straight bookshelves in decreasing lengths with one of the shelves shorter in height to receive DVDs.

Go the DIY route and buy a pack of wooden clothespins. volumes so that they create a rainbow gradient running along your s.

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The speaker mounts arrived last week and worked out very well. I was having trouble finding mounts that would fit the curved sides of Wharfdale Diamond 10 bookshelf speakers.

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Dimensional lumber was used to infill between the two new engineered lumber beams, which serve as expressive brackets support.

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My first ever DIY blog posts appeared in Sunset magazine’s now defunct blog, Sunset is no longer hosting these projects, I’m making revised and updated versions available here at Crafty Nest.This post comprises Dressing up a boring bookshelf, Part 1-3, originally published August 2007. This small unfinished pine bookshelf.

DIY 25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves. These easy and clever bookshelves look so much cooler than anything you can buy from a store. Finding creative ways to display books can be just as.

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Material List: Three, 3/4" x 4′ x 8′ hardwood plywood panel for the Sides, Bottom Nailer, Shelves, and Top Lid panels. Four, 48" x 1/2" Metal Shelving Channel and Shelf Brackets (only if coffin will be used as a bookshelf).48" Piano Hinge is optional if used as a Halloween Prop.

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Dec 09, 2011  · The other loft bed (#2) has a mitered railing instead of a cloud, and because it’s going in a bigger room, has space for a desk and another bookshelf alongside the bed.

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supplies: door, circular saw, screw driver, screws, 13-90 degree metal L brackets, sand paper, door knob. So that’s how we made my corner shelf. I love this piece! Its so cool and I still get loads of compliments on it. I think it would be cool to get different old doors and turn them into shelves.

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The diagram above should read 22" of spacing between the boards. You will want to take a square of the project here (see step 1). When your diagonals match, rest two more 2x4s on top of the existing 2x4s, to the outsides.

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